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VIP is your key to access partner websites who use the VIP system
With 10 different levels of security and secure off line storage of your personal details.
Keep all your details Secure in one place rather than on lots of websites

What is a Virtual ID Passport

Basically it is a specific Key which is unique to you personaly, which you can use to safely access secure partner sites that require registration and over 18 or adult websites without the need to register. It also means that you wont have lots of websites storing all your information.

How does it work?

One you have your VIP you can then access the partner websites that use the VIP system without the need to pass through security or prove your age.

Why choose this app?

VIP is the only system that stores the personal details of your profile off line so it cant be hacked or stolen ever.
App features


Notifications of new partner sites joining so you can simply go and login into without the hassle of having to join lots of different sites.



Available on all your favourite formats, Mac, PC, Andorid, Iphones & Tablets
Simple To Use

Simple To Use

A Simple regsitration process that you will just love....and you choose what level of security you wish apply for.
Real World

Real World

Expanding into the real world you will soon be able to use your passport to prove age in bars and clubs. With a simple barcode that can link direct to your VIP account.
Strong Security

Strong Security

Once accepted, your main personal details are stored at a private location offline from the Internet to prevent hackers ever gaining access to your information.
Easy to Customise

Easy to Customise

There are 10 different levels of security and you can choose what level you like and upgrade at anytime.


We have a UK based rapid support team that aims to get back to you same day if not within hours of receiving your query
Why has taken 23 years to bring something like this out to minimise everyones online footprint? Great system easy to use and easy to understand.

Peter in Falmouth

Your Security Matters

For your peace of mind

app screenshot
All your details main personal details are printed off
app screenshot
Once they are all correct and finshed with..
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They are locked up and stored securly offline
app screenshot
The location is kept secret for your piece of mind


Summary of the benefits of holding A VIP

First step is to simply open an account and verify your email address.

  • Then view the different levels of security
  • Decide which one is suitable for you
  • Complete your details online
  • Upload or post any required documentation
  • Recieve your personal Security Key
  • Your Good to go.....

Anywhere that displays the VIP logo
Any websites, bars, clubs, or anywhere that needs age verification.

  • Websites may not be adult but just simply need to verify who you are
  • Dating and Adult sites, keeps your personal info separate
  • Discounts with some sites
  • New businesses joining
  • Online Stores

If you would like to subscribe your business to VIP.

  • Contact our media Team for further information
  • Share users with other sites and increase your revenue
  • Cover yourself in the knowledge that you know users are over 18
  • Encrypted Date Transfers
  • CMS for you to view your subscribers
  • Revenue Sharing Scheme

Lets make online secure for everyone


We are growing bigger daily, tell your friends to join and recieve a discount on your account

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New websites coming online, complete the form to have a representative contact you.

Apply for your VIP passport today

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