VirtualiDpassport is an online system used by websites and venues to verify a persons identification is real and also as an age check to verify a person may be over a certain age to access adult venues or adut websites. This is not the same as your official goverment issued passport and we are not associated with any goverment departments. We use our own methods to verify people by checking documents and photographs from information provided by the user. We can not therefore be held responsible for any persons claim to be a certain person when they may provide us with illegal or false documentation that we have no way of officially checking.

Whie we do our upmost to check a persons identity in every possible it is the responsibility of veneu & webite owners to make the final decision on whether they wish to allow access based on the information we have.
We do not disclose any personal information to any venues or websites, they are only provided with basic infomation and in most cases this the VirtualIdpassport holders choice as to what they chose to disclose durnig the application process.
We do not store any personal sensitive details online from 30 days after an application has been completed for security reasons, this includes any documents provided during the application process.
Certain venues/website may pay us to use our service, tis does not mean we have any connection to that venue and therefore can not be held responsible for any problems or issues that you may incur with the venue and we shall also not be liable for any financial loss or any other inconvenience that you may incur as a result of such dispute or refusal of entry/access.